Daniel Tiger Exhibit Arrives to DuPage Children’s Museum

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“I like I like that he discovers new things. He discovers new things and he makes new friends.”

A grr-ific event starts this weekend and the DuPage Children’s Museum is inviting you to visit Daniel Tiger and his friends.

The award winning PBS Kids series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is brought to life in a new interactive exhibit. Kids can join adventures of Daniel Tiger, a character who was based on the popular show Mr. Roger’s neighborhood.

“He would sing many different songs and we as grown ups, who watched him as children carried some of those with us. What’s really exciting about Daniel is that, that still happens. So very short bite size strategy songs, are what they call them in Daniel’s show. They are very catchy and easy to learn and can be pieces that the children already know coming in if they’ve already seen the show or can experience it here for the first time,” said the Director of Education and Programs for DuPage Children’s Museum, Thomas Sullivan. 

Daniel Tiger’s exhibit, is a fun and creative way for children with the help of their parents or caregivers to learn how to navigate their world in a positive way.

And while doing so, kids get to enjoy their time exploring Daniel’s world.

“ I like the clock cause you get to like spin it.”

So you can head to the clock tower, send some mail at the post office, dress up as your favorite character or read a book at o the owls reading nest. Those are just some of the few activities children can do while visiting the museum.

Mr. Rogers aired in from 1968 and ran for 33 years until 2001. For some parents it’s a feeling of nostalgic to be able to introduce their child to Mr. Rogers.

“I used to watch Mr. Rogers when he was on and I really enjoyed the show so I am glad that they are continuing with that tradition with Daniel Tiger,” said a mom visiting the museum.

Daniel Tiger exhibit welcomes a new generation to the neighborhood.

The exhibit runs up until May 12 as it will then move on to Jackson, Mississippi children’s museum.

Naperville News 17’s Antonia Acuna reports.