Delay on the Old Nichols Library Decision

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A decision about the future of the Old Nichols Library has been delayed.

This after a 30-day extension was granted to developer Dwight Avram to respond to an independent request for the building to be declared a local landmark.

After Avram, the current owner of the building, announced plans to re-design it, a group of Naperville residents spoke out – creating an online petition to save the building, and ultimately filing for it to receive local landmark status – something that could impede construction plans.

Avram plans to dismantle the current structure and reuse the façade to create Nichols Place, a four-story structure made up of shops, restaurants, offices and condos. Currently he and his team are in the process of obtaining bids, estimates, and reports regarding the condition of the building.

Avram’s response is now due on or before August 9. City staff anticipates that the Historic Preservation Committee will meet in mid to late August to consider the landmark application.

Currently the building is occupied by Truth Lutheran Church who bought it in the 90’s and have since made many interior updates.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.