Deputy Chief Scheller Continuing Education

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The Naperville Fire Department’s Deputy Chief Amy Scheller is a lifelong learner and continues to develop her ability to manage the department.

Executive Fire Officer Program

Scheller completed the four-year Executive Fire Officer program through the National Fire Academy.

“It teaches you all different things from executive development, executive analysis of community risk reduction, emergency management and then strategic planning,” said Scheller about the program.

She wrote three applied research papers on topics like mental health response, and resiliency training of firefighters.

Applying What She Learned

As Deputy Chief, Scheller is the second-highest ranking member of the Naperville Fire Department. She said she hopes she can apply some of the things she learned through the program to make the NFD a more efficient unit.

“I’m pretty interested in data driven decision making and looking at the fire service a little different so that was a big part of the Executive Fire Officer program,” she said. “Hopefully some of the things I learned will make an impact here.”

She was one of just two women in her class of 23 fire department executives.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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