Dine Around: Quiubo

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At Quiubo, you won’t find a mariachi band wearing sombreros.   The deep, rich colors of the bar and dining room speak to its Hispanic heritage, but that’s just the beginning of a Mexican dining experience like no other!

It’s worth it to come to Quiubo’s just for one of their hand-crafted cocktails—all made with fresh fruits and top shelf liquors..

But once it’s time to order food, here comes the hard part: deciding what to try. Quiubo is a Mexican restaurant, but don’t expect a traditional tex-mex menu of burritos or chimichangas.

They’ve got tacos for everyone’s tastes, but don’t be afraid to branch out. Try their shaved beet salad… or a lobster and tilapia ceviche… or chicken in a mole verde sauce… For dessert: a giant churro topped with ice cream. Plus, they have seasonal specials—like their soft shell crab tempura tacos.

Sharing is the key word here—Quiubo is like Mexican tapas, with small plates made to share at the table. And everything is made from authentic Mexican ingredients, with nothing canned or frozen.