Discover Downtown’s Ellsworth Bells

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Don’t be surprised if you see bells hanging from trees in Downtown Naperville.

It’s all part of Ellsworth Elementary’s 5th grade service learning project called Ellsworth BEST, which stands for Bells Encouraging Soaring Together.

As part of a lesson to contribute to the local community and impact others, the kids are hanging the handmade bells on trees with selected uplifting quotes for anyone in the community to find.

“They have special quotes on them from certain people, they’re inspiring quotes, and we’re trying to make an impact on the community,” said fifth grader Sky.

“I hope they just read it and feel happy,” added Beckham, another fifth grader.

Each bell has a link to the school’s website and a QR code printed on it which can be scanned when found. Then those who find a bell can share where in downtown they found it and how it impacted them.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.