Disney Dream Comes True

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Erin Feeney’s love of Disney started when she was a little girl. And being diagnosed with cerebral palsy hasn’t stopped her from getting achieving a lifelong dream – writing Disney stories.

Erin’s Writing Method

Erin is nonverbal and communicates by pointing to letters on a board attached to her chair. Erin’s dad transcribes for her.

After Disney heard about a story Erin wrote that was turned into a short film, they got in touch. One thing led to another and soon, the creative team for Doc McStuffins wanted Erin to write them something.

“They asked for some ideas, they gave us some guidelines that they wanted Erin to follow,” said Erin’s dad Kevin. “And she submitted a whole bunch of ideas, about 10 ideas, and they said well, we like this one.”

“Tail Spin” On Disney Junior

“This one” was “Tail Spin” which was published on Disney Junior’s Youtube channel on January 14. It’s now racked up more than 65,000 views.

It tells the story of a bird who can’t keep up with her flock because of a small tail.

Many of Erin’s stories have to do with bullying and friendship – she says she was bullied in elementary school and her Disney friends helped her through that time, especially her all-time favorite, Snow White.

What’s Next?

And as for what’s next for Erin, she says she wants to finish college first, but would take a screenwriting job if one came up, much to her dad’s amusement.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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