District 203 Approves 2018-2019 Budget

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District 203 has passed its fiscal year 2018-2019 budget.

A $275.5 million budget was approved by the Board of Education, which is a slight decrease from last year by 0.8 percent.

That’s mainly due to last year’s budget’s inclusion of the one-time expense of $9.5 million to pay off the 2008 bonds. The pay off resulted in permanent savings to 203 taxpayers.

The district also foresees about a 14 percent increase in state funding compared to last year. $282.1 million is projected in revenue, 84.6 percent of which to come from property taxes.

The full 2018-2019 budget is available to view on the District 203 website.

The board also approved a new four-year contract that will leave maintenance and custodial employees with an average 3.87 percent increase in salary.

The contract with the Naperville Unit Maintenance Association, or NUMA, begins this year and extends through the 2021-2022 school year.

150 members of NUMA serve in the district’s 22 schools, print shop, buildings and grounds, PSAC, and connections and transportation.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.