District 203 Approves Policies

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There were many policies approved at the latest District 203 School Board meeting.

Tax Levy

The group passed their 2019 tax levy, which will be a three percent increase for the year. The average homeowner of a $410,000 home will be paying around $127 more in taxes. Considerations for any abatements will be decided in March.

Disciplinary Policies

They also updated their disciplinary policies – eliminating isolated timeouts behind locked doors – after the Illinois State Board of Education issued an emergency order.


And now, students are allowed to self-medicate certain prescriptions and will be able to store medical cannabis in the nurse’s office.

Summer School

The summer school 2020 plan for District 203 was supposed to be approved but with some new information coming up, the board will make a final decision at a later meeting.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.