District 203 Colorful Creations on Display

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From 2D and 3d to photography and jewelry, there was plenty to get inspired by at the district-wide art show that featured about 1200 pieces of artwork.

“It’s cool to see how other people can interpret different things and show that through art. And then that can also inspire us to create more things,” said Emilee, a seventh grader at Lincoln Junior High.

“It’s also cool to see how other people put their creativity and personality into their drawings too,” added Katrina, also a seventh grader at Lincoln Junior High.

Young artists from each school in the district picked a piece they created this year to showcase to the community.

“Other people get to see my artwork, and I like them seeing it,” said Prairie Elementary first grader Aahad.

“I think it’s really cool I love seeing all of the different art,” said Mary Kate, a fourth grader at Steeple Run Elementary.

And if you missed the art show, you can still check out all the colorful creations through March 21.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.