District 203 Homeowners Should See Tax Rates Decline

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District 203 homeowners should expect their tax rates to decline by about four percent.

The Board of Education discussed the anticipated decline at its most recent meeting, where board members were in the early stages of discussing the district’s Five-Year Financial Forecast and the 2018 Tax Levy.

203 property values are anticipated to increase by about four percent, with new property growth estimated to be about $45 million.

“If our assumptions hold true, homeowners should expect to see a reduction in their tax rates. Abating the debt service levy in the spring could save the owner of a $410,000 fair market home approximately $133 if the debt service levy is collected,” explained Superintendent Dan Bridges.

These estimates were made based on many factors including prior years consumer price index and the district’s equalized assessed value of homes.

The board is recommended to support the 2018 Tax Levy to the full extent at its meeting on December 17.

Also at the meeting- a discussion on how the Illinois Association Of School Board’s Delegate Assembly voted on a controversial resolution.

The resolution was proposed by down state school districts to arm teachers and staff in schools.

203’s delegate representative was board member Terry Fielden, who spoke about the “no” vote the resolution received, and how he hopes to suggest solutions to those down state districts going forward.

“I think you have to take into consideration that the problem down state hasn’t gone away,” said Fielden. “And what I’d like to see the board at least consider at the December 3 meeting, is that we pick it up again, but this time we draft a resolution that encourages the state to fund either additional resource officers or some sort of law enforcement in rural district’s schools.”

The board will further discuss the IASB Delegate Assembly at their next meeting on December 3.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.