District 203 Introduces Optimistic School Community Series

Optimistic School Community
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Optimistic School Community Series

Naperville School District 203 is introducing a new series, Optimistic School Community. The purpose of the series is to provide the Naperville 203 community tools and techniques on a positive mindset to foster social-emotional well-being.

According to the district website, the series will assist the community in “focusing on wellness during these unprecedented times” not just for students, but for adults as well.

“[As] we shift into this new year, as we’re transitioning into the next phase of our Return to Learn plan, [it’s] really emphasize the positive and focus on building our relationship,” said District 203 Superintendent Dan Bridges in a video. “The success of this school district comes as a result of our relationship with you – our parents, our students, our community, our staff all working together for what’s best for our kids. And again, not just the academics. The social-emotional and the mental health of our kids for sure but also for each of us.”

What Does the Series Include?

There are a set of six interactive modules that include five to 15 minute videos from positive psychology expert, Shawn Achor, with accompanying activities and resources.

According to the district website, the series modules focus on:

  • Developing a resilient and positive mindset
  • The impact of social connections on positivity and rational optimism for well-being
  • Building individual and family happiness habits for self-care
  • Raising the levels of happiness of yourself, family, staff
  • Students, and creating a positive and adaptive mindset

The full schedule can be found here.

There will also be three interactive live virtual sessions for families. Registration and dates for the Zoom sessions can be found here.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.