District 203’s Medical Conference 2019

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Naperville School District 203 hosted its second annual medical conference.

Around 220 high school students started off their day listening to keynote speaker Joseph C. Dant, who is the president and CEO of Edward Hospital.

Then they spent the day learning all about the healthcare industry at NIU’s Naperville campus.

“We know that many of them are interested in the medical field or healthcare, but what exactly does that mean? And we often hear of nursing or doctors, but there are so many other opportunities,” said organizer, Janet Somerfield

Some of those different options include taking the technician, data analyst, or engineering route.

Students were able to learn about specific medical fields during the day’s breakout sessions and look at school options at the college booths.

The organizers plan to host the event again next year.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.