District 203’s Proposed Capital Improvement Plan

Improvement Plan
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Proposed Capital Improvement Plan

At last night’s District 203 Board of Education meeting, Pat Dolan, director of buildings and grounds, presented a proposed Five Year Capital Improvement Plan to the board.

2019-2020 Completed Projects

The plan included projects that were completed this year. Some included upgrades in the learning centers at Naper Elementary and Prairie Elementary, synthetic turf replacements at Naperville Central and Naperville North stadiums, and playground replacements at Scott Elementary and Beebe Elementary.

Other modifications completed this summer included replacing the ceiling and lights in Mill Street’s corridors, new ceilings in all kindergarten and first grade classrooms at Beebe, and the installation of a new security vestibule at Naperville Central.

Proposed Projects for 2021-2022

In the coming year, Dolan’s team hopes to get to the following proposed projects:

  • Naperville Central fieldhouse flooring
  • A new HVAC unit at Naperville Central
  • Asbestos abatement at Naperville North
  • Playground refurbishment at Ann Reid
  • Condenser replacement and relocation at Kingsley

“We intend, given approval by the board as well as the superintendent’s office, to bid these two projects [NCHS fieldhouse flooring and Ann Reid playground refurbishment] as quickly as possible to accomplish them,” said Dolan. “This is something that’s enormously important to both schools.”

In the upcoming year they will continue additional playground upgrades, door upgrades and replacements, learning center upgrades, and roofing, flooring, and parking lot projects.

The total proposed budget for 2021-2022 is $6 million.

2022-2026 Proposed Projects

For upcoming years, some proposed projects include boiler upgrades, chiller upgrades, window replacements, rooftop upgrades, and more. By 2025-2026, one project they hope to get to that year is a tennis court surface replacement at Naperville North.

“These are projects that are basically on our radar based on the facility condition assessment, the condition of the equipment, or the needs that we are going to identify or have been identified for us,” said Dolan.

The board will vote only on the proposed 2021-2022 projects at the next meeting.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.