District 204 High Schools Host Car Parades for Seniors

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Car Parades for Seniors

District 204 high schools, Metea Valley and Neuqua Valley, hosted car parades for their seniors.

Metea Valley

On Thursday, around 300 cars showed up packed with the Class of 2021 Mustangs.

“We are beyond excited. We think this is a great opportunity to celebrate our seniors after having COVID-19 this year and them not being able to come back to school, this is a great opportunity for their group to get here and to drive the school, celebrate, see their teachers, see the staff, and see all of us who support them,” said Amy Puffer, PTSA President at Metea Valley High School.

The parade featured a light show, tunes from the school’s band, and support from Metea’s staff and community.

“When they heard that we were doing something they said I’m so glad that you guys are doing something for the senior class because it’s important to know that they are loved here and they are part of this mission, they’re a part of this group,” said Puffer. “So they’re really excited that we put this together. The district was very generous in putting all this and helping to organize it for all the high schools.”

Neuqua Valley

On Friday night, Neuqua seniors celebrated with their own car parade.

“Normally at any high school in the fall we celebrate all of different things. We have things like Homecoming, Friday night football games that are really fun for students so we wanted to try to give this senior class a little bit of a sendoff into the year, a very unusual year,” said Neuqua Valley High School’s principal, Lance Fuerher. “So we’re calling this Friday Night Lights, a senior car parade.

“We tried to explore those things that were within what we could do to help keep students safe on campus but enjoy some really cool things. So a car parade on campus, have some music, a DJ, some lights. Some t-shirt giveaways and we’re really thrilled with the way students have responded even before the event saying that they can’t wait to take part and that’s what we want to have. A school with a sense of community when at this time it’s really hard to build that. And we hope that this leads to other similar events and gives them hope for the spring.”

The Waubonsie Warriors will have their car parade on October 9.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.