District 204 Parents Protest Proposed Boundary Adjustment Plans

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Protest Proposed Boundary Plans

Parents and families who send their kids to Welch Elementary and Neuqua Valley High School gathered this morning to protest Indian Prairie School District 204’s proposed boundary adjustment plans.

The district had initiated a boundary adjustment process in spring 2021. Findings show current or projected overcapacity at several schools on the northern side of the district and current or projected underutilization at several schools on the southern side. The committee is currently considering two concepts known as “Concept #1” and “Concept #3. In Concept #1, homes north of 87th street would be reassigned to Owen Elementary and eventually Waubonsie Valley High School.


“We cannot let this happen, we cannot let the children who are currently able to walk or bike or just even drive through a community to get to school to be subjected to this kind of traffic,” said Rinku Singh, a District 204 parent. “Neuqua is in a walkability where I can walk to Neuqua because I live in Mission Oaks. Whereas Waubonsie is really far away and it wouldn’t be possible for me to walk there,” said Vanshika, a District 204 student.

Another major concern for parents is the farther away the school, the less encouraged students will be to take part in after school activities. “If the goal for the board in general is to make it equitable, is to make it easier for children to have more opportunities, why are you taking away opportunities from students that they have currently?” said organizer of the protest, Sami Khan.

What’s Next?

The next boundary committee meeting is October 27 at 6:30 p.m. at Still Middle School. The public is invited to observe the boundary meeting, but won’t be able to provide feedback until a trio of community forums in November.

After a final committee meeting December 8, the district board will be presented with boundary proposals to consider, and take action on any changes at a January 2022 meeting. The district said concepts are drafts of what could happen, and are subject to change based on updated information or community feedback.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.