District 204 Parents Rally for Masks in Schools

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Rally for Masks

Parents from Indian Prairie School District 204, as well as some from neighboring school districts, gathered for the “Rally for Masks in Schools.”

The group came out to District 204’s administration building yesterday in response to the district’s recent decision to make masks optional this upcoming school year.

“I was appalled by their decision to make masks optional,” said Christine Diorka, organizer of the rally. “Especially given that we had proven that we could return to school safely. That the kids could wear masks and they could go in person.”

The group is asking for everyone to be masked at school, regardless of vaccination status.

CDC and IDPH Recommendation

This aligns with the CDC and IDPH’s recent recommendation of universal masking at schools. The group also urged Governor J.B. Pritzker to issue a mandate.

District 204’s decision to make masks optional came before the CDC’s recommendation. The district said there’s no changes to their current fall plans.

The district will provide an update at the next school board meeting.

“I hope the district sees how much people want masks to stay and I hope that with the new Delta coming in, at the next school board meeting they’ll decide to change it,” said Jack, a Fischer Middle School student.

The next meeting is August 9.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.