Districts 203 and 204 Address Texas School Shooting

Districts 203 and 204 Address Texas School Shooting
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Naperville School District 203 and Indian Prairie School District 204 have both sent out messages to their school communities, addressing the school shooting that happened yesterday in Uvalde, Texas, leaving 19 children and two teachers dead.

Heavy Hearts

“Our hearts are heavy as our entire school community mourns the loss of students and educators at Robb Elementary School,” began the note from District 203 Superintendent Dan Bridges.

District 204 Superintendent Dr. Adrian Talley echoed those sentiments, remarking that the tragedy was “An indelible event that has impacted the lives in that town and has in many ways impacted our lives hundreds of miles away.”

Student Support Available

Bridges recognized that many students might have been left shaken from the news of the school shooting. In light of that, he encouraged students and parents to reach out to student services staff and school-based mental health providers for assistance and support.

He also provided a number of outside resources, including ReferralGPS, the American Psychological Association’s Psychologist Locator, and the Crisis Text Line. Additionally, he directed parents to the National Association of School Psychologists’ tips for speaking with students about violent acts.

Security Measures

Dr. Talley outlined safety measures District 204 has in place to help reassure parents and students. Those included:

  • Collaborative relationships with local law enforcement and the use of School Resource Officers within the schools
  • Raptor Visitor Management System to help secure schools
  • Locked exit doors at all times
  • District and school level Threat Assessment Teams to help catch any signs of threatening behavior and prevent violence
  • ALICE armed intruder training for staff
  • Emergency Operation Teams at both the district and school level

Talley also said that District 204 exceeds the state safety drill requirement, and monitors a confidential Tip Line.

Bridges noted that District 203 works in partnership with both the Lisle and Naperville police departments to ensure secure buildings and the safety of students.

For Naperville News 17, I’m Kim Pirc.

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