Dog’s Day Out Around Naperville

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Every dog has its day…out around town, with the Naperville Area Humane Society’s new pilot program.

“Dog’s Day Out” aims to get shelter dogs better socialized and less stressed, by taking them out into the community.

Volunteers for the humane society can stop by the shelter and bring a furry friend.

“The idea is for them to come, during the day, from an hour to all day, until we close, take our dogs out, get them exposed throughout Naperville and surrounding areas,” said JoAnn Schaeffer, Foster and Training Coordinator at NAHS.

Forest preserves, dog friendly restaurants, and anywhere else dogs are welcome, are encouraged for a day out. Putting the dogs in the community helps get them accustomed to different environments, and shows them off to potential new owners.

“As much as we try to make the shelter not stressful, it obviously is. You have strangers going by their kennels, other dogs, so it’s high stress. This kind of gets them out to relax and you can see their true personality,” said Schaeffer.

The humane society hopes to eventually allow the public to take part in a “Dog’s Day Out.”

Naperville News 17’s Ryan Skryd reports.