Dogs Welcome at the Morton Arboretum’s Tails on the Trails

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Tails on the Trails

The Morton Arboretum welcomed dogs and their families to its grounds today for the arboretum’s Tails on the Trails event.

“Tails on the Trails is an opportunity for people to bring their canine family members to the arboretum and enjoy being outdoors as a family,” said Tari Marshall, head of public relations and social media at the Morton Arboretum. “And we have booths with vendors for dog-related activities and products and services. So it’s really around celebrating dogs and their place in our lives.”

Enjoying the Outdoors

“It’s a way to come in a very relaxed way and get outdoors, bring your dog, and enjoy all that the arboretum has to offer in a safe way. We have about 1800 dogs and their families here today, but we have the space,” said Marshall. “And so people are really enjoying being outdoors and seeing other dogs and seeing other families. I’ve seen people out on the grounds who are just laying under trees and enjoying the shade and others are walking the trails.”

Timed-entry passes and tickets were required to enter the event, and the arboretum asked guests to wear masks including outside.

Dog Admission Day

“Dogs can come to the arboretum on special Tails on the Trails events or on dog admission days and the next one we have scheduled is November 8,” said Marshall. “We’re looking forward to having the next dog admission day where people can come and again enjoy that time of year with their canine friends.”

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.