Donating Blood This December

Donate Today

During the busy month of December, blood donations greatly decline, so perhaps one way you can give this season is donating blood.

LifeSource Blood Center in Naperville is a good place to start, as a center that’s always encouraging new donors to stop in.

“About one in seven people who enter a hospital will need some kind of blood product,” explained Marketing Lead for LifeSource, Kathleen Meyer. “Nationwide, 38 percent of the population is eligible to donate but only about 10 percent do. So we really try to get more people to donate. We love that people will regularly donate, a lot of our donors will come multiple times a year which is great, but we need new people to come as well.”

From whole blood to platelets, anything you’re willing to donate will help someone who needs it, especially this time of year.

And as a thank you for donating, throughout December LifeSource is giving out “ugly Christmas sweater” t-shirts.

Keep an eye out for more promotional events from LifeSource in January, which is National Blood Donation Month.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.