Don’t Be A Jerk!

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The Forest Preserve District of Will County is asking residents not to be jerks.

Their new multimedia campaign “Don’t Be A Jerk” is designed to get visitors to behave in preserves and treat trails with respect.

Don’t Be A Jerk

“Some really basic rules we’d like people to follow, and it’s not just us it’s all open spaces, and all natural areas, things like when you go to a public park or forest preserve leash your dog,” said Chief Operating Officer at the Forest Preserve District of Will County Ralph Schultz. “When you take your dog to the park and he does his business clean up after your dog.”

The forest preserve also recommends that trail users be aware of their surroundings, and stay on the right side so faster users can pass on the left.

And remember cleaning crews aren’t out around the clock so if you are in the preserve clean up after yourself.

“If we’re only out here once a week there’s six other days out there where people may be littering and things of that nature,” said Schultz. “What’d we ask to is that people just, you know if you’re comfortable doing it pick up some of the liter you see and throw it away.”

While the campaign is in response to complaints about littering, dog poop, and people hogging trails, it also aims to help protect wildlife, which can be harmed by some improperly disposed trash.

You can check out the preserve’s website for tips on how not to be a jerk.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.