Doughnuts for Diapers

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The Margulies family set up shop in front of their home this morning, not for a lemonade stand or garage sale, but to help those in need with Doughnuts for Diapers, a community diaper drive.

People could stop by with unused or newly purchased packages of diapers and donate them in exchange for a sweet treat.

“If people bring one pack of diapers they get one doughnut, if they bring two packs of diapers they get two doughnuts,” said soon to be first grader and event organizer Hollis.

The Margulies family saw that the Chicago based non-profit organization “Share Our Spare” was asking for diapers to help families in need, and decided to step up. So they organized the event, and set up a GoFundMe to raise money for donations as well.

“Imagine if you had a baby and that baby had to stay in a wet diaper or a poopy diaper all day because you only had two diapers for him or her to change into,” said soon to be first grader and event organizer Campbell.

The coffee and doughnuts for those who donated were a welcome plus, but the real delight was the more than 5,000 diapers collected and nearly 1,500 dollars raised for a good cause.

“By doing all of our little parts we chip away at the bigger problems and that’s what we’re working to teach our children.” said Leah Margulies, the event organizer.

“People can change the world!” said Campbell.

You can still donate to the Doughnuts For Diapers GoFundMe, if you’d like to contribute.

Naperville News 17’s Ryan Skryd reports.


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