DuPage Children’s Museum to Host Storybook Festival

Storybook Festival
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Storybook Festival

The DuPage Children’s Museum will be hosting a Storybook Festival on September 26 in the museum’s parking lot.

Bookworms of all ages are encouraged to dress up as their favorite book character.

“We wanted to celebrate this impactful part of lifelong learning with fun activities that will have everyone using their imaginations and thinking together creatively,” said Cassie Coffey, senior guest experience manager at DuPage Children’s Museum in a press release. “Stories and books help us expand our understanding of the world and take our minds on creative adventures. Literacy and language development are fundamental aspects of early childhood development.”

What Does it Feature?

photo credit: DuPage Children’s Museum

There will be multiple experiences featured at the event including an area to design puppets and put on a show, a literature laboratory where guests can dream up their own tales, improvise with big story blocks, a challenge to create and puzzle together pages of a giant storybook, and an opportunity to paint on supersized storyboards with mural artist Jason Watts, who is the museum’s current artist.

“Storybook Festival illustrates how STEM concepts and the arts come together,” said Coffey. “For example, puppet making is a great example of how math, art, and engineering intersect. Children can learn about shapes and measurements as they design their own puppets, determine what is needed to hold their designs together, and execute their work creatively through color and other artistic elements.

There will also be socially-distanced story times with the museum and Naperville Public Library.

Children’s Book Drive

The event is also promoting a children’s book drive. DCM has partnered with Bernie’s Book Bank to collect new or gently used children’t books for ages birth through sixth grade.

Attendance will be limited and pre-registered and timed-entry tickets are required. There will be no onsite ticket sales. The museum ask that guests age 2 and older must wear a mask.

You can register for the event here.

Storybook Festival will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.