DuPage County Board Approves $474.3M Budget

DuPage Budget
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Funding for county campus improvements, aging vehicle replacements and the implementation of a new voting system make up some of the many items that were approved yesterday as part of the DuPage County Board’s Fiscal Year 2022 budget.

About the Budget

It features a $474.3 million spending plan to maintain county operations, programs and services that residents and community members rely on.

“At today’s meeting, we have the opportunity to take some very important steps to reinforce and to further improve the already strong financial condition of our county,” Chairman Dan Cronin told the county board. “Today’s proposed budget is not only balanced but it also allows this body to make significant targeted investments in our future.”

The budget calls for increased funding to public safety agencies and the county’s Heroin/Opioid Prevention and Education Task Force.

The spending plan doesn’t box the county in, which Cronin said is important if officials find they needed revenue to respond to an emergency situation.

“We have the flexibility within our spending plan to be nimble and to take action quickly on behalf of our residents and taxpayers,” Cronin said.

County Debt Reduction

Cronin also touted the county’s ability to reduce its bond debt, saying that the board’s adherence to fiscal responsibility is paying off. He said the county’s strong sales tax performance will allow the county to pay off the remaining principal and interest on 2011 and 2015 bond debt service funds.

DuPage County intends to transfer $6.3 million from the surplus noted in the general fund to make it happen.

“As we pay off this debt early, we will subsequently free up $2 million in general fund sales tax revenue in FY 2022 and subsequent years,” Cronin said.

In doing so, Cronin believes the board is giving the county more flexibility to meet the needs of residents and community members.

“This fiscally conservative approach is consistent with our brand of government in DuPage County,” Cronin said.

Naperville News 17’s Megann Horstead reports.

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