DuPage County Chairman Proposes $465.5 Million Budget for Fiscal Year 2022

DuPage County Budget
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DuPage County Chairman Dan Cronin made a pitch to members of the county board Tuesday outlining what the county’s Fiscal Year 2022 budget could look like.

The $465.5 million proposal includes $207.8 million in the general revenue fund and is balanced.

“We will make necessary investments and plan for our future while maintaining crucial balance in our cash flow so that we can handle unexpected expenses or emergencies,” Cronin said.

Objectives Outlined

The budget proposes funds for a number of different county services, programs, and projects, including a new watermain system, stormwater system upgrades, election equipment, property tax system implementation, county administration campus improvements and vehicle replacements.

The county’s objectives are met without increasing the property tax rate.

Cronin emphasized that the county is committed to fiscal responsibility.

“While we are determined to continue to be responsible stewards of taxpayers’ dollars, we will accelerate crucial projects in this fiscal year, freeing up FY 2022 dollars for critical projects budgeted for next year,” he said.

Collaboration Touted

Cronin touted efforts made by elected officials and department heads to work closely to help inform the budget process.

Early on, the county received department requests for $212.8 million and anticipated revenues of $202.4 million leaving a gap of around $10.4 million. But that’s no longer the case.

“We thank all for these collaborative discussions,” Cronin said.

Moving Forward

Cronin acknowledged that the county is not out of the woods with adapting to the financial uncertainties prompted by COVID-19.

But the county anticipates ending Fiscal Year 2020 on a positive note.

Cronin said the county has a bright financial outlook thanks to several factors, including the distribution of federal CARES Act funds, better than expected sales tax revenues and the impact of the soaring suburban housing market.

The county board is expected to give the chairman’s budget proposal consideration during its Nov. 23 meeting.

Naperville News 17’s Megann Horstead reports.

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