DuPage County Fair 2018

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Every summer, the DuPage County Fairgrounds call families from all over to join the festivities that date back over 60 years.

It’s a summer staple that shares agricultural roots with the county itself.

“We give people the opportunity to learn, to come see a lot of animals, to see things they wouldn’t normally see in this area,” said Jim McGuire, executive manager of the DuPage County Fair. “As we get more and more removed from agriculture in DuPage County we think it’s a good tie to tell our history and the important role of agriculture.”

That’s why Ag-ventureland is a significant part of the fair. There you can see people milk goats and use an old-fashioned spinning wheel.

Of course, you can get up close and personal with animals in the petting zoo. Animals and agriculture are the fair’s oldest traditions.

“The fair really means family to a lot of the people that come here every year,” said farmer Amanda Manley. “It’s a chance where we get to see each other again – we may not see each other through the rest of the year. It’s a chance to bring our best livestock to show off the work we’ve put in all year to get these animals in tip-top shape for the fair.”

But today, the fair is a tradition for more than just farmers.

“Since the 80s I’d say I was coming to this, so a long time since I was a kid. We love coming here,” said fairgoer Jeff Tieman.

The county fair has an abundance of attractions: carnival rides and fried food, activities for kids big and small, the annual rodeo and demo derby, and even a really friendly robot.

Special shows make for an exciting part of the fair this year, including Dino-mania, the Pig Races at Pork Chop Downs, and the High Flying Pages.

“The fairgrounds are a place for community to gather. That’s what people do here, they come out, have fun, enjoy it,” said McGuire “My favorite thing to see is to see people leaving the fairgrounds with kids crying cause they don’t want to leave, and people being happy and having a great time.” 

With rides, animals, shows, and delicious food and drink keeping people coming back year after year, the DuPage County Fair is a fun family tradition worth celebrating.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.