DuPage County Sheriff’s Intern Helps Arrest a Fugitive

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Quick thinking and acting from an intern at the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office led to the arrest of a wanted fugitive.

What Happened Next?

On September 9, intern Frank Ficarra was on a patrol with Corporal Eduardo Castillo. The pair drove past a restaurant and Ficarra noticed a vehicle that matched the description of a suspect’s car.

Castillo approached the car, while Ficarra waited inside the squad car. The suspect, who was wanted on a warrant, began to actively resist arrest.

“Seeing this, Ficarra, unarmed and wearing a Kevlar vest, jumped from the squad to assist Cpl. Castillo,” explained Sheriff James Mendrick. “Seeing he was outnumbered and quite possibly facing a large adversary the suspect complied. But during the struggle, a knife and illicit drugs fell from his pants to the ground.”

Ficarra Gets Recognized For His Efforts

The suspect was ultimately arrested and now faces additional charges. With his family and friends in the room, the 22-year-old intern received the Commendation of Excellence award for his efforts.

“I wasn’t expecting anything like this after that happened,” said Ficarra. “It really means a lot just knowing that this is an internship, its an unpaid position, but at the same time I can still get recognized for my actions.”

Possible Job Opportunity For The Intern at The DuPage County Sheriff’s Office?

Castillo said he wouldn’t mind teaming up with him full-time.

“My unit that I’m in can use another person. So if Frank gets hired maybe he can come back to CIU,” said Castillo.

Ficarra is set to graduate this winter.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.