DuPage County’s 2017 Road Construction

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DuPage County recently announced their 2017 road construction projects, with several planned here in Naperville.

One of the first projects to take place in town will be resurfacing and patching portions of Ferry Road, as well as a section of Raymond Drive.

“Our 2017 construction program is $21.3 million, and it fluctuates every year depending on what we get in federal funding. So it’s probably a little bit maybe $5 million more than last year because of various federal projects,” said Chairman of the DuPage County Department of Transportation, Don Puchalski. “So we’ll be resurfacing about 42 lane miles.”

Beyond road repairs, the county will also be improving the 75th Street and Book Road intersection.

On 75th street, the existing left-turn lanes will be lengthened and the traffic signal will be updated to include “left-turn on arrow only” lights. A southbound right-turn lane will be added on Book Road as well.

“Most of it is public safety, and then after that it’s to alleviate congestion. The one project that’s on 75th Street, obviously when we’re putting a left-turn lane in, a right-turn lane in and traffic signals, that’s more of a congestion thing than public safety,” said Puchalski.

All of these projects are expected to be completed in 2017.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.