DuPage FOID Cards 100% Returned

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100% Return Rate

The DuPage County Sheriff’s Office reports that 100% of residents notified of having a revoked Firearm Owner’s Identification card have turned them in.

Fifty-six people in DuPage have turned in their FOID cards since the beginning of the year.

The Take Back Program

Sheriff James Mendrick developed a program to take illegal FOID cards, concealed carry licenses, and firearms from residents who have been suspended or revoked. A social worked contacts these residents and asks for voluntary relinquishment.

Statewide Returns

Statewide the Illinois State Police report that from January through August, 41 percent of the over 7,000 FOID cards to be revoked, have been voluntarily turned in.

What is a FOID Card?

In Illinois, a valid FOID card is required to purchase and posses guns, and buy ammunition.

The Start of the Program

The push to retrieve the revoked cards moved forward after the February 15 shooting at the Henry Pratt Company warehouse in Aurora, when a disgruntled employee killed five co-workers and wounded five Aurora Police Officers. He lied about his felony record in order to obtain a FOID card and buy the gun used in the shooting.