DuPage Foundation Awards $300,000 in Grants to 21 Not-For-Profits

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The DuPage Foundation has awarded $300,000 in COVID-19 Response Fund grants to 21 DuPage County not-for-profits.

Wide Range of Not-for-Profits

The foundation chose the 21 out of 69 who had applied for the relief funds. They include groups offering food and emergency financial assistance, mental health services, access to healthcare, housing, technology to support virtual health and education, and childcare for essential workers.

First Round

This is just the first round of aid the group is offering, as they continue to fundraise. To date, they’ve brought in more than $625,000 in donations for the COVID-19 Response Fund.

The DuPage Foundation will be rolling out more grants to address current and emerging needs of those who apply. Not-for-profits can find application information on the DuPage Foundation website.

More Aid Needed

The foundation has had many donors step up, but say they still need more help. Initial requests from the 69 not-for-profits who have applied for grants to date total more than $1.3 million. Those interested in donating to help meet those needs find out more on the DuPage Foundation website.

About the Foundation

The DuPage Foundation was started in 1986 to make a positive difference in the DuPage County community. To date it has awarded more than $45 million in grants to not-for-profits in our area.

Full List of Those Awarded COVID-19 Response Fund Grants:

Food and Emergency Financial Assistance: $102,500
Mental Health Services: $68,000
Access to Healthcare: $55,000
Housing: $35,000
Technology to Support Virtual Health and Education: $29,500
Childcare for Essential Workers: $10,000

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