DuPagePads’ Addition to Client Services Building

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DuPagePads is building an addition to its client services building.

“Because we noticed in the last couple of years that we really needed a space for our clients to meet with different groups or case management support groups. And we really needed an uninterrupted space for them; a place where they can remain confidential, and for others to be able to come in,” explained DuPagePads President and CEO Carol Simmler.

About the Addition

The $450,000 addition will also provide more space for on-site workshops and programs.

“A welcoming environment is very important to us here, and that our clients feel respected,” added Simmler. “And so this additional space will certainly provide and enhance the opportunity that we already are providing here.”

Planning for the addition began back in 2017, but after a few delays, is finally making moves toward completion at the end of September.

Who is DuPagePads?

DuPagePads has been working to provide support, education, and housing for the homeless in DuPage County since 1985. You can learn more about DuPagePads on their latest segment on Spotlight.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.