DuPagePads’s 2018 Wake Up your Spirit Breakfast

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At its 16th annual Wake Up Your Spirit Breakfast, DuPagePads celebrated its recent accomplishments.

Over the last year, the nightly homeless shelter and career support organization has served over 1,100 people – 38 percent of whom have made it back into stable housing.

One such person was Demetrius, a father of five who had to leave his car-manufacturing job after being diagnosed with kidney failure. Without income, he couldn’t renew his lease.

Thankfully, DuPagePads was there to help him and his family.

“When I got to the place they had all sorts of food for me and household goods,” said Demetrius. “At a time like that, things like that are great. They give you a start, give you a boost.”

DuPagePads also provides over 100 supportive housing units to homeless people with disabilities.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.