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With leaves on the ground and the weather getting colder, yard work is getting harder. But that didn’t stop Ecolab, from partnering with the Naperville Park District to give back to the community.

Recently, Ecolab employees volunteered their time to help the park district keep Wildflower Park on Aurora Avenue, green and clean.

“So today we’re spending two hours out of our day helping plant tulips here in Wildflower Park,” said Lorie Hotwagner from Ecolab. “Our team here, we’re planting some tulips and then we have another group helping out laying some mulch and then we have another group going around picking up littler and kind of beautifying the area.”

Green and Clean

The tulip bulbs planted by the group will bloom in the springtime. But the cleaning of litter, focus on sustainability, and team bonding can be appreciated all year long.

“Part of our value as a company is really focused on sustainability,” said Natasha Chen with Ecolab Leadership.

“The other good thing is it gets everyone out of the office for a couple of hours. It’s the end of the quarter end of the month,” Darrell Brown with Ecolab Leadership.

“[It] clears my mind,” said Chen.

“Everyone’s looking forward to a bit of a break,” added Brown.

It’s all for the purpose of helping out and giving back to Naperville.

“This is an opportunity for us to do something that’s bigger than ourselves,” said Lynda Horton Denson with Ecolab. “It’s really important to give back to the community where you live and work.”

Naperville News 17’s Ryan Skryd reports.