Ed Asner to Stage Play in Naperville

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This year, Asner’s team searched for a small venue in the area to put on the play “God Help Us,” which led them to Center Stage Theater.

“It’s a very intimate, three person play. Ed Asner playing God. It’s a political satire, funny comedy, which is perfectly timed right now against the republicans and the democrats. So I play the Republican Party and my counterpart Stuart Vance plays the Democratic Party. And I don’t think God is too happy with us,” said Kandiss Hernandez, the executive director of Fair Lady Productions.

As the legendary actor has performed the play many times, he’ll join the rest of the cast just a day before the premiere performance.

“It’s different. You perform normally with a rehearsal period of about six weeks and here we’re going to do it in a couple of days and put it all together and have people watching us. So it’ll be very exciting, a little daunting, but exciting,” said local actor and teacher Stuart Vance.

Hollywood director Mitch Levine will direct the show, which will also have a second cast of Karen Coleman and Matt Dingeldein.

The show will run August 24-26 and tickets are on sale now on centerstage-theater.com.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.