Electric Bikes Gear Up For Summer

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Biking is one of the most popular activities along Naperville’s trails. But for those looking for an extra boost, electric bikes may be the way to go.

Naperville Kayak is renting out the e-bikes from DuPage River Sports Complex this summer. Once you start pedaling, a motor will assist you according to the setting on your bike.

“As far as riding it, it’s just like a normal bike,” said Naperville Kayak Founder Troy Cooper. “You power it on, and once you get on, the computer is going to know you’re pedaling. And within about half a pedal-stroke you’ll feel the kick of the boost. It’s very quiet it’s very seamless, it’s integrated very well.”

Cooper said the bikes can be used for exercise, but they are built more for an adventure experience.

You know as we’ve done Naperville Kayak over the years, we started to realize that the role we could play in the community was more of an outdoor company rather than just focusing on kayaks,” said Cooper. “So we’ve constantly been looking for new activities and things that we could do and bring to the community.”

The e-bikes are available for rent for one and a half hour increments. Reservations can be made online.

When you show up to rent a bike, you’ll be given a helmet as well as some short instructions and safety measures. There will also be recommended trails and routes you can take.

And once you’re out on the trail, a slow rider can increase their pedal assist to keep up with faster riders, keeping the group intact.

The e-bikes allow riders of all levels and abilities to ride together. Whether it’s friends or family, nobody gets left behind when riding the e-bikes.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.