Emotional Toast to NACC Leader Nicki Anderson

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A huge smile ran across the face of Nicki Anderson as she watched a video about her time as president and CEO of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber hosted its fifth annual “Toast to Our Members” event at North Central College, but this year held special meaning as they also bid farewell to their leader.

What Will Anderson’s Colleague Miss Most about her?

“She’s just Nicky Anderson, period, right? I feel like that need to be the banner,” said Emily Ory, the chairman of the NACC. “But, she’s a friend, a mentor, a colleague you know? And there’s change, but I’m just going to miss her.”

Some of Her Accomplishments

During her five-and-a-half year tenure Anderson has hit milestones and transformed the chamber. From raising over $250,000, to improve an internal and external communication system, to re-branding the chamber’s logo a few years back.

Well Deserved Recognition

Mayor Steve Chirico praised Anderson saying she’s not only been invaluable to the chamber but also the City of Naperville.

“Everybody benefits when we have a healthy and strong economy,” said Chirico. “That takes leadership and sometimes that takes somebody that has the willingness to put themselves out there to do the right thing. And Nicki Anderson has been that person for us.”

As a reward for her efforts with the Naperville Jaycees Park Anderson was honored with a plaque that will be displayed there in the future.

Anderson couldn’t hold back her emotions, wiping away tears from her face, and giving her staff a big group hug.

What’s Next For Anderson?

Though she hasn’t announced what she’ll do next, Anderson knows because of her experience with the chamber she’s better from it.

“I know one thing for sure we’re all here to serve one another. I know there’s one thing that I’ve learned from all of you and that is life is pretty empty without purpose and passion,” said Anderson. “This chamber you all gave me passion to do my best everyday and i know for the next CEO you’ll do the same.”

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.