Entertainment & Sports Complex To Take Over Former Sam’s Club Building

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The 808 South Route 59 building in Naperville is one step closer to being filled after Planning and Zoning Commissioner approved a major change to the Fox River Commons PUD to allow for a conditional use, and a parking deviation for the property.

Entertainment & Sports Complex

The building used to be a Sam’s Club and has sat vacant since 2018.

“It’s big dark box,” said Owner of the 808 S. Route 59 building Vinoz Chanamolu. “It’s been closed for the last few years. We’re constructing it into [two halves]. Half of the space is the banquet hall where we have 1,200 people seating banquet, as well as a full size restaurant, an art studio, and a small theater.”

The south half of the building will be a family entertainment center, which will feature a volleyball, badminton, and basketball court. Other sporting amenities include baseball and cricket batting cages.

Chanamolu’s newest project will help to serve his other Naperville building right next door, the Mall of India.

A daycare is expected to be built at the Mall of India in 2022, and will give families the option of enrolling their kids into the care center as well as a sport.

“If they want to get trained in baseball we’ll get them trained in baseball,” said Chanamolu. “After they’re done we’ll move them into the next building where they can get an education in math, ESL, or whatever they want.”

Tax Revenue & Job Creator

Chanamolu believes his two projects will compensate the city in terms of the tax revenue generated that it has lost from the previous tenants, and says they will create hundreds of jobs.

“I imagine once it [The Matrix Club and family entertainment center] is up and running we’ll be creating 200 plus jobs, whether that’s full or part-time,” said Chanamolu. “Even the Mall of India, we’re creating a lot of jobs. The daycare itself we need like 60-70 employees. The grocery store they need a lot of people, at least 50-60 people. And the food court, we have 26 stores. We’re creating a lot of jobs for the locals.”

Timeline for The Entertainment & Sports Complex

If approved by Naperville City Council, construction on the 808 building could be complete by summer’s end, according to Chanamolu.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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