Executive Order Aimed to Provide Cash Flow Relief

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Mayor Steve Chirico has issued an executive order to extend several payment deadlines for residents and commercial businesses.

Relief for Residents

The City of Naperville will waive late fees for non-payment of utility bills through March, April, and May of this year. Additionally, there will be no water or electric service disconnections for non-payments for both residential and commercial customers.

The executive order also extended the payment deadline for parking tickets issued between March 6 and April 7. The billing schedule for commuter parking fees for the second quarter has also been extended.

Relief for Commercial Customers

The executive order also extended several payments for commercial customers, including:

  • Currently-issued tobacco licenses that were set to expire on April 30 and suspends the renewal process for late fees
  • The deadline for food and beverage tax payments for March, April, and May of 2020
  • The deadline for hotel and motel tax returns
  • The deadline for payment of taxes related to local gas sold in February, March, and April 2020

On March 17, Mayor Chirico declared a local state of emergency, one of the benefits of which is enhancing mechanisms to enforce executive orders.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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