Family has Front Yard Movie Night for Their Son

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Many times what makes a movie special is not who’s in it but who you watch the movie with….

Recently Naperville parents Jennifer and Brian Williamson did just that for their son Noah.

“You know with the pandemic and everything Noah is feeling pretty isolated from his friends and a lot of special needs kids don’t really get to socialize with other kids outside of school, as much as other kids do so, it’s been especially hard on them. So my wife came up with the idea to do this and come up with a movie night, and have a screen outside so she invited some other friends and moms. They loved the idea and pitched in bringing different things so, here we are,” said Noah’s Step Dad Brian Williamson

Socially-Distanced Summer Fun

Noah will be a junior at Naperville North high school this fall, and is a member of their Council for Exceptional Children, or CEC club.

COVID-19 precautions were taken, having chairs seated according to social distance guidelines, and clean individual snack packages were provided by hosts and attendees alike.

The film of the night was comedy Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle from 2017, but the real fun was friends and classmates being able to safely see each other again.

“Obviously it’s a dream. I haven’t seen most of them since school…I missed them very much.” said Noah Petersen soon to be Junior, Naperville North High school.

Noah and his family hope to do more movie nights in the future.

Naperville news 17’s Ryan Skryd reports.

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