Family Shelter Service Merger

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Family Shelter Service recently announced a merger with another nonprofit agency.

The organization has joined Metropolitan Family Services to better serve victims of domestic violence.

“We have consistently over the years had much greater demand for our services than we’ve had capacity. So turning people away was just not something we were comfortable with,” said Judie Caribeaux, who will serve as senior director of strategy and innovation for the merged organization.

Caribeaux, who served as executive director for Family Shelter Service before the merger, also said this will allow the organization to identify efficiencies within their operation. That will lead to the ability to serve more clients as well as providing a broader range of services.

Before the merger, Metropolitan Family Services was the top referral for Family Shelter Service clients.

Service Stays Local

However, just because Metropolitan Family Services serves a larger area, doesn’t mean focus will be taken off local victims.

“There is a perception I think that because our corporate office is in Chicago that the local support is going to get funneled off into Chicago,” said Metropolitan Family Services Chief Operating Officer Theresa Nihill. “That too, couldn’t be further from the truth. We have always had a commitment to keeping money in the local community.”

Joining forces to help the most vulnerable.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.