Federal Open Enrollment Period Shortened to 45 Days

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Health insurance open enrollment is here again, and the DuPage County Health Department is warning that the open enrollment period is shorter this year.

 You now have through December 15 to enroll or renew your healthcare plan for 2018.

Anyone who registered for health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace in the past must review and renew their current health insurance plan during open enrollment.

You can call the DuPage County Health Department for information on scheduled workshops or to schedule individual appointments for assistance with open enrollment.

“The majority of people, we’re estimating something like 80 percent, that go and seek a plan on the Marketplace through ACA are going to find a relatively affordable option and a pretty good deal this year. So it can’t hurt to at least look,” said Adam Forker, Director of Client Access for the DuPage County Health Department.

You can find more information about open enrollment review and renew workshops or how you can get help on GetDuPageCovered.org.

Naperville News 17’s Beth Bria reports.