Female Founders’ Pitch Competition

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Female Founders’ Pitch Competition

It was all about women entrepreneurs at the Female Founders’ Pitch Competition.

Founders of all ages competed for funds – three finalists in the concept category and four finalists in the revenue-generating category.

The event was part of North Central College’s Women Entrepreneurship Conference.

“I decided to start a pitch competition so that more girls and women can have self-confidence as they pitch their business ideas and have some experience in doing that,” said competition organizer Bea Rodrigues-Fransen.

Including gaining that self-confidence, these finalists also need funding to help grow their businesses.

Fision Lens

Fision Lens, a team of three high school juniors, walked away with a $2,000 prize to fund their business idea.

“Fision Lens is a way for us to truly minimize the cost it takes to replace glasses prescriptions and to update them,” said co-founder Krisha Patel. “It’s essentially a thin, film like plastic that goes on top of existing glasses lenses to make micro adjustments in thickness and then eventually change that prescription.”

The group is working with a manufacturer and will be using the money to enhance their prototype.


And in the revenue-generating category, BRITE Bites also took home the same cash prize.

“We’re an all-natural probiotic snack-bite company meant for busy, on the go individuals. Rather than having them take a probiotic in a pill form, they’ll get it through their food which is much more tasty and convenient,” said founder Bri Makaric.

Makaric will be using the money to help launch her company’s packaging.

Audience Decision

Although judges were there to ask questions, the final decision came down to the audience.

They were given play money to vote for who they thought pitched the best idea.

This is the competition’s first year, and the conference’s second. The events are in alignment with Women Entrepreneurship Week.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.