Final Report For Moser Tower’s Options

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At the latest Riverwalk meeting, commissioners got a full report on several alternatives for Moser Tower, as the last several years architects have been assessing and examining corrosion and rusting parts of the structure.

Option 1 & 2 For Moser Tower

The first would be repairing Moser Tower for just over $2.1 million. The second option would be repairing it and partially enclosing the lower section of the structure for about $2.9 million. Both options include the costs of maintaining the structure for 30 years.

The first two alternatives have the option of doing construction in phases, but that’s unlikely because it would be more expensive.

The Third Option for Moser Tower

The last alternative would be demolishing the 160-foot-tall structure for $726,000.

PDC’s Recommendation

Planning, Design, and Construction commissioners, who make recommendations to the Riverwalk Commission, said repairing the nearly 20-year-old structure would be the best alternative.

“I looked at it and said ‘would I rather spend $700,000 to tear it down, or $1.4 million to leave it standing?,’” said Bill Novack, director of T.E.D at the City of Naperville. “We have $7 million as a community invested in it, I think it’s worth it to do the repairs and leave it standing for many more years.”

Councilwoman Judy Brodhead was at the meeting and said she was in support of repairing the structure in one phase.

Novack said the Riverwalk is an iconic site in Naperville, and if Moser Tower weren’t on it wouldn’t seem right to some.

“We had our student representative here yesterday and that individual was saying ‘you know what, my generation its been there our entire lives. So it’s something we’ve always seen’,” said Novack. “And they’re taking their prom pictures at it, so it’s something that’s a part of their generation.”

What’s Next?

The Riverwalk Commission will vote on their recommendation to city council next month, who’ll have the final say on Moser Tower’s fate.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.

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