Final Seedlings From Historic Hobson Oak Available For Purchase

Final Seedlings From Historic Hobson Oak Available For Purchase2
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There’s still a chance to plant a bit of history, as the final seedlings from the historic Hobson Oak are ready to take root.

Piece Of History

The bur oak that once stood near the corner of Hobson and Greene Roads in Naperville was taken down November 17, 2016, having stood in that spot for more than 250 years. But thanks to the work of Naperville Outdoor Alliance (NOA) and The Morton Arboretum, acorns from the tree were gathered and grown into seedlings, the last set of which are now ready to be planted.

The four-year-old seedlings are available for personal purchase or to buy for donation, to help beautify local public landscapes.

“Planting a tree with deep cultural resonance is an act of commemoration and affirmation,” said NOA director Mary Lou Wehrli in a press release. “Several seedlings have been donated to yards affected by the tornado,” she continued.

“Oaktober” is seen as a particularly good time to plant the seedlings, so they can get in the ground before it freezes.

Hobson Oak Memorabilia

The seedlings aren’t the only remnants from the historic oak. After the tree was removed, its wood was collected and distributed to artisans and then the general public. It was then fashioned into everything from benches to guitars. Many of those pieces were made available for purchase by auction to help groups like Loaves & Fishes Community Services and Bridge Communities. And local brewers got in on the action as well, using woodchips from the Hobson Oak to make special blend beers.

Seedling Sales

Proceeds from the sales of the seedlings will go to Morton Arboretum and Naperville Outdoor Alliance. Purchase information along with growing guidance and more history of the Hobson Oak can be found on the Hobson Oak website.

Naperville News 17’s Kim Pirc reports.

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