Fire Department Hopes There’s No Spike in Fireworks Incidents

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Fire Department Hopes There’s No Spike

Many community fireworks displays have been canceled this year due to the pandemic.

That’s not the case for Naperville. This year the city’s sky will be lit up at the Frontier Sports Complex for the Fourth of July display.

That’s why the Naperville Fire Department hopes there isn’t a spike in residential fireworks-related calls.

“We’re going to have them in Frontier Park which allows for more people to be at home and view the fireworks and distance themselves throughout the park and neighboring areas,” said Scott Scheller, fire marshal at the Naperville Fire Department. “There’s plenty of room, it’s in a residential area. So there should be no reason for personal displays when they have a professional one on the fourth.”

Safety Tips

Scheller reminds residents most consumer fireworks like firecrackers are illegal in Illinois.

While sparklers and smoke bombs are legal, he recommends keeping them away from children.

“You can turn away for one second and they can light their clothes on fire or suffer a burn before you even get a camera to take a picture of what’s going on,” said Scheller.

The dry season also makes grass, bushes, and brush more flammable and burn quickly. Be sure to have a bucket of water or extinguisher nearby.

According to Scheller, the fire department hasn’t seen a major increase in medical and fire emergencies due to fireworks this year.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.