Firework Safety for Fourth of July

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Firework Safety

Fireworks and sparklers are a big part of July 4 celebrations. But, it’s important to remember most consumer fireworks like bottle rockets and firecrackers are illegal in Illinois.

And even though smoke bombs and sparklers are legal, there are some safety tips you need to be aware of.

“Always have adult supervision and keep a cold bucket of water nearby at all times. Sparklers should be disposed of because they remain hot for a long time afterwards, if you don’t douse them in water,” said James Kubunski, Bureau Chief of the Naperville Fire Department.

Sparklers can burn up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and cause second and third degree burns instantly.

“And knowing that children, they like to wave those around like a wand and they’re not made to be wands. They’re made to be something you just hold and watch,” said Kubunski. “Younger kids who have shorter arms are at most risk even if they’re using it as directions say to use those.”

Leave it to the Professionals

If you do go out of state to buy fireworks, watch out for any that come in a brown paper bag. Kubinski warns to avoid using them since those are specifically made to be used by professionals.

“The best bet is always to leave it the professionals, go to the displays that are put on by professional companies where they’re at a safe distance away, there’s a fire department monitoring it. And that’s always your best and safest bet and the most enjoyable,” said Kubunski.

Last year, the fire department responded to three calls related to firework injuries and Edward-Elmhurst hospital received 25 patients for the same.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.