Fireworks Safety for the Fourth

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Celebrating Independence Day isn’t complete without fireworks. But there are some safety tips the Naperville Fire Department recommends if you plan on using them.

Annually around 1,800 fires start nationwide because of fireworks being improperly disposed of or used.

The fire department wants to remind residents that with all fireworks, always follow the directions on the packaging, always have adult supervision, and keep water nearby in case of an emergency.

“The biggest thing on any kind of burn is to try to cool the burn down immediately with cool water or ice. Then contact 911 and have them come out and treat the burn. Or if it’s not real serious or immediately life threatening, you can just go to the ER and have a doctor look at it as well,” explained Fire Marshall Scott Scheller with the Naperville Fire Department.

Even as consumer fireworks like bottle rockets and firecrackers are illegal in Illinois, products like sparklers, glow worms, and caps are usable.

But the fire department’s biggest advice – leave the fireworks shows to the experts, grab your blanket, and head to the park to enjoy your local Fourth of July night sky display throughout town.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.