First Human+Nature Sculpture Can be Seen at the Morton Arboretum

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New Sculpture

If you’re walking near Meadow Lake at the Morton Arboretum, there’s a new sculpture that’s too big to miss.

It’s part of the art exhibition, Human+Nature. The first of five sculptures, Hallow, stands tallest at 26 feet for people to walk through as if stepping into the heart of nature, and represents “the idea of opening your heart to nature and opening your heart to what is here at the Morton Arboretum for people to explore,” said head of public relations and social media, Tari Marshall.”

“But again we hope everyone will take away their own feeling and their own sense of wonderment at what this sculpture offers them,” said Marshall.

Hallow is made out of concrete, steel, and wood and weighs several metric tons.

South African artist Daniel Popper is the mind behind these 15 to 26 foot tall structures, which are exclusive to the Morton Arboretum.

“Daniel Popper’s vision is all about nature and connecting with nature and how we as humans are as dependent on nature around us, as nature is dependent on us to care for it,” said Marshall.

Full Exhibition Delayed

The other four structures – UMI, Sentient, Heartwood, and Basilica are still under construction.

The full exhibition was supposed to be on display by now, but the opening has been postponed due to shipment delays. Once all five structures are built, nature lovers will be able to see them throughout different parts of the arboretum.

The exhibition will run for at least a year.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.