First Responder Moms are Everyone’s Heroes

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First Responder Moms

Mothers are our heroes, and these two first responder moms are also heroes to the whole community.

Officer Tammy Spencer

For 17 years, police officer Tammy Spencer has served our city with the Naperville Police Department.

She’s had many to look up to – including her father, stepfather, and mother who were all in law enforcement.

“She was the first and only deputy in her sheriff’s department, she was also involved in an officer shooting where she was injured. She survived that and went back to full duty shortly after,” said Spencer. “Perseverance, strength, courage, I’ve learned that form my mom. She’s amazing.”

A Good Adjustment

Now the mother of two is balancing both her work and kids’ schedules more than usual since they started remote learning.

“I didn’t realize how busy we are as a family with their school and sports and activities and my work schedule,” said Spencer. “It’s been really nice to have some more family time. It’s just been a little bit of an adjustment, but it’s been a good one.”

Paramedic Amanda Bradbury

Firefighter paramedic Amanda Bradbury’s also juggling her long hours at the Naperville Fire Department and being there for her four kids.

“I can stretch myself a lot more directions than I thought. That’s something new – that I thought I was already stretched thin some days and now I’m like, ‘well I guess there’s even thinner to go.’ I’m like Elastigirl I feel like,” said Bradbury.

The paramedic has been working at the fire station for 13 years and a new challenge she’s facing is the policies constantly changing due to the pandemic.

“Especially when I’ve been off for a shift and I’m not there for five days and then trying to keep up on the emails when I’m at home so when I go in the next day I know what’s going on,” said Bradbury.

Making the Most

Though there may be some interruptions and new challenges, Bradbury is making the most of her time with her kids.

“I’m going to blink and they’re all going to be gone and out of the house,” said Bradbury. :So when something like this happens it kind of makes you step back and reevaluate things and be thankful for what you have.”

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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