Fisherman Saved from Drowning at Blackwell

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Fisherman’s Fall

On April 24, 71-year-old Ramon Garchitorena went fishing at Silver Lake at the Blackwell Forest Preserve. But when Ramon stepped into the water to retrieve his lure, he fell in.

Tyler Line was fishing nearby and quickly ran over to help.

“I got him back to shore, like a blur I didn’t notice what was happening,” said Line. “I didn’t say anything until after I started giving him CPR and I was freaking out in my mind. I just kept pumping his chest until I got him to start coughing up a little bit of water. That’s when I screamed to the other two guys.”

Line shouted over to two boaters, Gary Jacobs and Alfred Cedeno, to have them call 911.

Ramon regained consciousness thanks to Line’s CPR, while Jacobs and Cedeno transported first responders to the scene.

Fisherman’s Thanks

“These guys were at the right people at the right spot, at the right time. A lot of people probably won’t do what they did,” said Ramon.

Rescuers Honored

The forest preserve and Warrenville Fire Department recognized all three men for their life-saving efforts.

Visits Will Continue

While Ramon says he’ll continue fishing at the forest preserve, he promises to never go back into the water.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.